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Production resumes from BP’s Clair platform (Energy Voice)

Production has resumed from BP’s Clair platform after a leak earlier this month.  The oil major had carried out around 30 surveillance flights after the incident as they monitored the dispersal in the surrounding waters.  At the time an estimated 95 tonnes of oil was released into the water from the Clair platform.  A spokeswoman for BP said:”Clair was taken offline following a technical issue with the system that separates water, oil and gas.  “Our investigation into this incident is ongoing however the technical issues we encountered have been resolved.”  The Clair platform is 75km (46 miles) west of Shetland.  Earlier today Norwegian operator Statoil was called to a meeting with the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) after a spate of onshore and offshore incidents.

Full story from Energy Voice here.

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